2024 is the 55th Anniversary of Woodstock and I am in the mood to recount some of my great memories of that year... to me, 69 was just as important as 64 in the evolution of Rock n Roll and it all started in January with the Boston Tea Party by Led Zepplin. That Concert is regarded as one of the Top Rock Concerts with an amazing Audience participation... and indeed the 4 hr+ event is one never forgotten as I was there!!!... and I will cover it below in-depth with Willie's Take.

If you have a "Tale to Tell", please let us know by emailing it to news@classicrockturntables.com/BTP1969... we will sort through them carefully and publish those that describe the scene and emotion with gusto to tell the real story of the monumental event in Rock History.

On July 1, we will begin to issue Chronicle Newsletters covering the full aspects of Woodstock 1969... as well as, the period from April to August 15 which was tumultuous for those dealing with the move from Woodstock to Bethel... especially those who labored to get the Site ready for the projected (50,000/150,000/200,000/400,000) Souls who attended.

CRT.com Progress Update...

We have considered all of the comments on the "Definition of Classic Rock" and made adjustments accordingly... the document is now officially in the hallows of the Asheville Classic Rock Hall of Fame. It is resting awaiting further refinement by the official Members of CRT.com. My long-term Goal is to condense it into a 2nd version that captures the technical aspects in plain English so young Musicians can understand the Genesis of it clearly.

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