Timeline of Modern Music History

person playing guitar
person playing guitar

Content Includes

Lists of CR Category Rankings, including:

  1. Top 10 Artists/Bands and Songs

  2. Top 40 Artists/Bands and Songs

  3. Top 100 Artists/Bands and Songs

  4. Top 10 and 40 Female Lead and Backup Vocalists

  5. Top 10 Guitarists, Bass, Drummers, Horn and Brass Players, Keyboards, and other Percussionists

  6. Top Instrumental Artists and Songs

  7. Top 10 CR Songs by Year from 1963 to 1984

  8. Top 10 Slow Dance Songs

  9. Top 10 Fast Dance Songs

  10. Top 10 British Artists

  11. Top 10 American Astists

  12. Top 10 Spanish Artists

Classic Rock Gallery

  • Stock Pix and Vids of the Top 100 Bands

  • Concert Pix and Vids from Files

  • Concert Pix and Vids submitted for inclusion by Members

  • Classic Rock Wall Art, Posters, and Prints and Memorabilia submitted for inclusion by Members

  • An Instrument Section of Famous Items

  • An Album Cover Section

CRT Forums

  • There will be a Forum for every Top 100 Classic Rock Band

  • Members can submit Requests to create a Forum for a Wannabee Band's inclusion

  • Each Forum must have a Director so that the CRT Rules of the Road are followed

Links to Member Created Interactive Exhibits and Garage Band Vids

Quotes, Q & A, and Misc CR Memorabilia