Content in Classic Rock Turntables includes the following

  1. Lists of Artists, Bands, Songwriters, Composers, and Songs ... the Lists below are a starting point and will be expanded as our membership grows and new ideas are presented and approved by the Board. Please submit your suggestions for new ways to represent the facets of Classic Rock

  1. Our Classic Rock Gallery will be the most complete depiction of the Top 100 CR bands... Each Band or Artist is listed by the date of their first Hit release. Members can submit their Favs for consideration

  1. Our Forums are visible only to CRT Members and consist of a special Forum to be set up for each specific Band or Musician... to create a Forum within the master Topic of Classic Rock, a request must be initiated by one who wishes to take control of organizing the Forum. Each Forum will have its own Blog

  1. Links to Member-Created Interactive Exhibits and Garage Band Vids... this is a special Section whereby Members can post relevant stuff to their Personal experiences, reviews, and articles of a general nature to Classic Rock.

  1. A special Forum on Instruments and Gear discussions... for those interested in the technical aspects of equipment and innovation of Sounds... discussion of experiences and questions

  1. A special Forum for Discussions on Classic Rock History and it Cultural impact from personal experiences

7. A Special Section of the History of Classic Rock and how Blues and Jazz (Blazz) Fusion influenced the Artists who used innovation to create Magical Sounds

8. A Timeline of the History of Music beginning in the late 1800s to 1984... plus a Timeline of Classic Rock History

9. A living "Definition of Classic Rock" that is presented for comment of Members of our Chronicle Newsletter

10. A complete Section of the influence of Blues and Jazz Fusion on Classic Rock Music Tracks.

11. Blogs for Members and Newsies for general Classic Rock Issues and Comments

12. A Companion Facebook Page under Willie W, Nelson to openly deal with Friends' Posts and to comment on Posts