My first visit to Asheville was in 1953 when I was 9 years old... my Grandfather came every Fall to visit Kinfolk. My Grandparents, who raised me, were born in the rural area West of Madison, Wisconsin near present-day Blue Mounds. Their Kin emigrated from Normandy to Charleston, South Carolina in the late 1700s, after the "War for Independence"... they migrated to the rural area of Asheville and dropped Babies along the way.

After living with the Sioux Indian Tribe on the Mississippi River across from St. Louis... they traversed up the River to a lush forested East of River near Prairie Du Chein where the top soil was 12' deep... they felt like they were home again in Normandy.

I was raised listening to field Music, then moved to Madison which was a small mecca for Music lovers... like Asheville was in the 50s and 60s... and still has that quality today (now Asheville has 2 Sister Cities, Chiapis, Mexico and Liverpool, England.

The music community in Asheville is a vibrant and diverse scene that draws inspiration from various Music Genres and Cultures, creating a unique and eclectic set of Sounds... especially the Drum Circle every Saturday night and all Summer long at the Downtown Pack Square... what fun!

Musicians in Asheville are known for their impromptu, collaboration across different music styles, from Reggae to Blazz to Bluegrass to R&B. This all leads to the creation of a distinct "Asheville Sound."

However, gone and replaced, are the South and West sides of Asheville's Music scene in the 50s where, for 3 weeks, my Grandfather had a place near a Tavern where I first heard what I know as Blazz (Blues/Jazz Fusion)... (It was not called that back then) - and then there was Finklestein's Music Store right on the corner where Gramps tuned Guitars one day long.

The city's music scene is characterized by its lack of a single prominent genre, allowing artists to explore and innovate freely. Asheville's Music Community benefits from a rich foundation of creative spaces and music venues, fostering a supportive environment for local musicians.

.With over 80 entertainment establishments in the area and a continuous influx of new Venues, Asheville's Music scene continues to thrive. The City's Musical landscape reflects a melting pot of influences, ranging from its Appalachian Bluegrass roots to newer Hip places that Rock. This diversity contributes to the dynamic and evolving nature of Asheville's Music Community, making it an exciting Hub for both Musicians and Music enthusiasts alike.

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Asheville, NC... Sister City to Liverpool, UK