Mission Statement

Classic Rock Turntables.com is an NC Registered Nonprofit Corporation residing in Asheville, North Carolina

Our Strategic Mission

Our Long Term Mission is to create a Classic Rock Music Training Facility for those who have Music Skills and want to take them to the next level… it will be located in the Music Haven, Asheville, NC, and will be called the Asheville School of Classic Rock

  • Create a Non-profit NC Corporation to administer funds donated by Members of our CR Community and interested parties in Classic Rock Music... (completed June, 2023)

    The Facility will select Students without Bias who have a desire to consider a Career in the Music Industry… we will use the lessons learned from the ‘60s and 70s that transformed Rock Music and where Classic Rockers were the incentive for others… they spurned the formation of Sub-Genres of Rock Bands that were influenced by Social and Political factions creating socially conscious lyrics and Instrument manipulation.

  • The Students will spend 3 weeks in an intensive Community atmosphere where they will break into Teams with Projects, i.e., study a specific Artist/Band/Song and create Sounds and Lyrics they influenced… learn how Bands perform together and benefit from the Lessons (Pros and Cons) learned from their pas

  • Students will be thoroughly evaluated on their Skills and a Program will be developed based on their specific needs… they will learn about the Music Industry to help wade through the myriad of Considerations that are part of the decision process to decide on one or the other.

  • The Students who wish to proceed with their search for a Career in the Music Industry, with the help of a Consular, will create a Roadmap of the events they must undertake to achieve their Goal... be it special education, training, or live contact with Audiences

  • Crote: Each Student will be monitored as they progress along their Pathway and joint decisions with their mentor will be made accordingly

Tactical Implementation

There are three main areas of implementing our Goals for the CRT Mission:

I. Activities include:

  • Create a beta Membership Website (February 14, 2024) and a YouTube Webcast (Summer, 2024) for a Community of like-minded People devoted to our making our Mission a success.

  • The Membership Community will interact about the Rock Publication’s Issues and Facts created by Journalists and other Websites devoted to Rock Music…they will debate the Ranking of the Top Artists, Bands, and Songs and Vote to create a Consensus Opinion on them.

  • Create lists of Classic Rock Artists/Bands/Songs from 1964… create a Gallery of Classic Rock Stills and Videos that Members can contribute to... create a Forum for the Top 100 CR Bandsto be Hosted by a CRT Member

  • Publish a daily, weekly, and monthly Newsletter (The Chronicle) with Community News, Events, and Discussions about CR Music

  • Create a group of Affiliates that market Used Music Equipment, Event Promoters, and Employment Opportunities Crote: We do not currently plan to have an Online Store. We use Paypal for all Donation transactions

  • Host the first Chronicle Webcast live at an area Venue (TBD) in the Summer, 2024


II. Raise additional Funds to support the ASCR by:

  • Applying for a North Carolina Educational Grant

  • Applying for Private Music Industry Grants

  • Partnering with Music-based Charities and Music Affiliates

  • Hold Benefits periodically to raise funds for the School


III. Establish and Formalize the Asheville School of Classic Rock

  • Register the CRT.com as a North Carolina Corporation (completed May 2023)

  • Apply for Nonprofit Status (completed May 2023)

  • Create a Business Plan and proposal for the School (ongoing)

  • Make contacts at AB Tech for support and guidance (ongoing)

  • Assemble a Board of Directors (May 2024)

  • Finalize the Curriculum for the ASCR (Fall 2024)

  • Begin taking Applications November 2024

  • School Starts January 2025