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Welcome Classic Rockers (CRockers) to our Community... we are a melting pot of Members that include.

Those of the "Counterculture" movement of the 60s whose values opposed the dominant Culture... those who felt their Elder's way of life was not for them! Classic Rock Music was their identifier and gave a sense of value and of belonging to a Like-minded Community looking to the future.

The "Rebellious Youth" of the 70s openly challenged the current Social and Political standards of Elders... those who felt that the messages from Rock n Roll unified their views and brought them together and embraced individual Freedom, Creativity Experimentation, and Self-expression... sometimes with a violent Theme.

Those with a degree of Passion for all Music Genres include the appeal of Classic Rock... because it is just plain great Music to listen to and dance your life away. They are interested in Blues and Jazz (Blazz), and other Rock spinoffs,i.e., Country, Christian, Hard, Metal, Punk, Folk, Prog, and Psychedelic. Those that Music is an integral part of their life

I look forward to your contributions... Willie

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Classic Rock

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