Forbes Top 30 All Time Rock Bands Genre Picto-Graph

1. Led Zepplin 2. The Beatles 3. Queen 4. Pink Floyd 5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

6. The Rolling Stones 7. Van Halen 8. The Eagles 9. Metallica 10. AC/DC

11. Fleetwood Mac 12. Black Sabbath 13. The Who 14. The Doors 15. The Clash

16. U2 17. Iron Maiden 18. Rush 19. Rage Against The Machine 20. Guns N' Roses

21. Heart 22. Cream 23. Nirvana 24. Journey 25. Radiohead 26. Kiss 27. Oasis

28, Tool 29. ZZ Top 30. Aerosmith

I made this Picto Graph to show how Forbes' Top 30 All Time Rock Bands are distributed among the "Range of Sounds' that the crafters of their List distributed their decision... here are their criteria from the article:

"Developing a definitive ‘best of all time’ list requires a densely thorough thought process, one which must take into account both subjective and objective angles when constructing a list of this type. As it pertains to rock bands, there are several grey areas as far as who or what is even considered to be “rock.” In the case of this list, the bands chosen and considered are from major sub-genres of rock, be it classic rock, blues-rock, hard-rock, heavy metal, alt-rock or punk."

............ "the main criteria for this list is focused on rock groups whose musical work has remained timeless over the years and is predominantly still relevant within the modern music industry."

Ok, by reading the Forbes Blog comments, I found no one that even comes close to agreeing to it... and it by no means, represents the collective of the World's Rockers... and it offends me!

There will be numerous Lists on Classic Rock (created by Members) that are Voted on by Members only and provide a Consensus "living" view of the Best... not Music Critics, just plain Folf who enjoy "Listening to Music". That said, if you want your Personal view come join us at and our Sister's awesome Site in the UK, "Night Waves"... see you there... Willie

Note: This Pictograph is best viewed on a Laptop...

Willie's Comments

First, I take exception to many of the Bands on this List... quite frankly, this could never have been created by a true Rock Audiophile. Their Criteria for Selection are off base as there are many of the Best on my List that are NOT on their List

In addition, someone "has it in" for Aerosmith at #30 and I have not seen those underlined on any List of the Top 40 Best All Time Rock Bands

Ok, I made this graph to show the relationship of their Bands as related to Classic Rockers (Crockers) are in Blue, Hard Rockers in Red, and CR Crossover Bands in Green... Those with wide bodies cross many Subgenres and some Classic Rock... and the higher ones are Hard Rockers and on the Bottom are ones who have crossed over to R&B, Country Rock, and others.

Your comments are most appreciated... Willie Rock On