Classic Rock

"Rules of the Road"

Of course, like anything worthwhile, there have to be the Rules of the Road:

  • Respect others' opinions: Classic Rock is a diverse Genre with a wide range of artists, songs, and styles who sometimes make Music that is in another Genre of Progressive Rock. It's important to respect others' opinions, even if they differ from your own. Avoid attacking or belittling others for their musical preferences…

  • Avoid disruption: The Classic Rock Community website is a place for classic rock enthusiasts to connect and share their passion for music. Avoid disrupting the community by engaging in spamming, trolling, or other disruptive behavior.

  • This especially applies to Forums… every one will have a moderator who is responsible for keeping track of issues, behavior, and disruption… all content must be uploaded using the CRT provided Messaging System and will be reviewed for proper applicability to Classic Rock and added value to the Site.

  • We take only Mastercard and Visa Credit Cards and Members should be aware that we do not store personal data on our Servers and our Security is top-notch using Cloud-based storage. Problems with making monthly Payments can be dealt with by our Customer Service department with a special email address.

  • When engaging in discussions, in a Forum, or Messaging: Always be courteous and honest (NO BS!) in your interactions with others… avoid using offensive Language, making Caustic remarks, or Personal attacks. If you disagree with someone about a Vote, Forum Chain, or Message Board… please post your grip clearly on the “Gripe Board” so all can comment, and if it is resolved by the Committee, it shall be posted accordingly to close the Gripe!

  • All of the Content on the CRT Site is the Property of Classic Rock and is only copiable if you are a Member - any Copies made are for Personal use only and must be sourced if used in any Document published, Blog Post, Thread, Twitter, or Paper presented for grade or other manner.

Rock On ♪♪♪