The Classic Rock Chronicle Webcast

On a night @ (TBD) and at a Venue (TBD) we will hold a Webcast for Members of before the show, local Bands will perform and be presented for consideration in the Asheville CRocker Idol contest. They will be selected through a Tryout process and the audience will Vote on the best one... after 3 weeks, the Top 3 will perform, voted on, and the winner will be in line to compete with the winners after 6 months.

Each Gig the Host will contain some of the following:

  • Discussions about the early Roots and the Evolution of diverse forms of Music... by year

  • In-depth analysis of Artists, Songwriters, Composers, and Engineering Magic... the stories behind Tracks and Albums

  • Cover how Blues and Jazz (Blazz) influenced certain Artists and created Jazz Rock

  • Discuss Interviews with Legendary CR Stars and cover their past and how they evolved

  • Explore the Cultural and Political aspects that influenced the emergence of Rock Music... and how Classic Rock took the lead with innovation and the evolution of Rock Music

  • Discuss reviews of Tracks and Albums

  • Review the Voting results from the previous week - present the 3 new Voting subjects

  • Discuss suggestions made by members for new Content - Questions about Artists and bands -and their interesting Stuff submitted by Members

  • News from the Students at the Asheville School of Classic Rock

Overall, our Website and Webcast attempt to offer a platform for our Members to research, discuss their Favs, and interact with fellow CR enthusiasts... and celebrate the legacy of of one of the most lasting, influential Musical movements... along with the Blues, Jazz, Country, and R & B

Our first Webcast will be soon... we are currently seeking a Host for the Gig - qualifications include:

1. A deep knowledge of and passion for Classic Rock Music

2. Experience and excellent Communication Skills leading a Show or Event

3. Ability to conduct insightful and entertaining Content with a Co-host (Host's Choice)... perform Interviews of appropriate Artists and Bands... especially those who pass through Asheville

In addition, the Host may use the CRT content coupled with his own businesses, in innovative ways, to help obtain Membership to help Fund the Asheville School of Classic Rock.

The whole Session will be broadcast on YouTube (simulcast on Radio Stations) and voted on by the Audience... after 3 weeks, the top 3 will compete in a winner-take-all all Badge of Success and will be allowed to cut a Demo for submission to Producers affiliated with

Rock On ♪♪♪ Willie

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